H. Porter & Sons Testimonial

Thanks to the advice and guidance of Mortuary Solutions, we have been able to transform care of the deceased at H. Porter & Sons with a fully refurbished mortuary and state-of-the-art equipment.

From start to finish, their team’s help has proved invaluable. In particular, the use of life-like CAD drawings enabled us to visualise a more efficient mortuary space and implement practical measures to enhance our technicians’ working environment.

For instance, orienting our refrigeration units to face the mortuary entrance has made it easier to manoeuvre trolleys in and out of the room without intruding on the adjacent to the embalming area.

We’re really pleased with the units too, as they use much less energy than our previous models and are height and width adjustable to accommodate a range of deceased people in a dignified and caring manner.

Additionally, the dual back-up power system has given us peace of mind that the units will continue to run in the event of an outage.

Alongside the working space design, Mortuary Solutions suggested a number of useful pieces of equipment that have made a positive impact on our work.

These include a new embalming trolley, which has reduced the amount of manual handling and number of team members needed for various parts of the deceased care process. Chevron-style draining trays have also been a huge help in terms of containing and disposing of fluids with confidence.

All in all, Mortuary Solutions have helped us to achieve a modern mortuary, of which our team is incredibly proud.

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