Mosque Funeral Fridge, Masjid E Usman

Installation at a Bradford mosque.

Like many Mosques our customer initially wanted a body fridge for 2 bodies, whilst we can make reduced height cabinets it’s practically the same cost to have a 3 tier mosque funeral fridge. We always try and guide our customers for the best equipment for value, this now givens them the added capacity should they ever need it but also leaving a tier empty of a tray they have a coffin storage space.

A survey was conducted and we supplied our customer a plan so that they could make minor alternations to make way for the new fridge. Being a funeral specific designed fridge the footprint of ours is much less than many of our competitors that use oversized food standard panels. In this particular instance we installed an obese fridge for future proof but also to take larger coffins, at only W:1000mm wide this funeral fridge fitted like a glove and the customer only needed to take out one of their double cabinets and work surface, a competitors fridge would have resulted in taking out a further storage unit to make way for the oversized cabinet, alternatively they would have had to reduce to a smaller body storage size fridge, limiting the customer.

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