Hertfordshire 4bay cabinet

Our client had an old tired fridge with little capacity. The clients instruction was to get as much capacity as possible in this small footprint!

Our purpose designed and manufactured cabinets have a much smaller footprint than many of the competitors because they are designed for mortuary sizes of trays/coffins, our rivals use food standard doors often with oversize wall returns and large mullion gaps between doors. Because of this we can often fit additional capacity or upgrade to bigger storage sizes to semi obese, obese or bariatric, or we can simply take up a smaller footprint to leave you more valuable space in your mortuary. Not only do you have these positive our frdies for like for like storage then have a much smaller volume to cool in addition to our already market leading thermal efficiency!

Constraints at this site meant we made a slightly shorter cabinet to perfect fit under a beam, using space saving stub rollers we were still able to offer 4 tier to make this cabinet 16 capacity, and give generous tier heights, many of our competitors can only offer full width roller which would have meant 3 tiers and a reduced capacity of 12. Some could only fit 3bays wide which would make their offer be only 9 capacity almost half what we have achieved!


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