Architectural Services

Mortuary Solutions have access to excellent architectural consultants with many years’ experience.

With over 100 Funeral Home specific architectural solutions delivered ranging from new builds, existing premises, extensions, change of use, refits, etc. we are sure our contacts will be well placed to help you.

Having a highly experienced architectural consultant on board with a vast wealth of funeral home and mortuary design is extremely valuable. It can help you achieve the best design, considering operational use, understanding of mortuary specific requirements and regulations to ensure you achieve the best solutions first time. Inexperienced services may take longer, not understand the processes, nor fully understand your operations, potentially resulting in several failed or flawed designs before achieving a satisfactory scheme that may not be perfect. We see time and time again when general architectural and/or building services have been instructed with little or no Funeral home/mortuary experience, they can miss key elements in their design that can affect how your premises will perform.

Mortuary Solutions will introduce you to our contacts free of charge, with no referrals/commissions. Like our finance and building services introductions we aren’t interested in making a single penny, instead we are happy to introduce you to these services so that you can achieve the best result.

So how do Mortuary Solutions benefit?

Your purchase of our equipment alone is enough reward for us. We want to make life easier for you the customer as we can appreciate complex design, planning, application and building services can be a minefield to navigate. Using highly experienced professionals has the added benefit for us, that when we turn up on site to install or supply the equipment we can be confident there won’t be issues for the space and use of our equipment. A short fall in design and build can result in delays and expense.

If we were to load services with commissions/fees/referrals if would increases costs meaning you may not buy from us and shop elsewhere for inferior quality products and/or professional services elsewhere. We understand the bigger picture by providing introductions to professional services, working together with a good understanding we can all ultimately achieve excellent value and results.

We are an independent family business with family values.

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