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At Mortuary Solutions, we service and maintain our complete range and other suppliers refrigeration & mortuary equipment. Covering most basic equipment, hydraulic trolleys, refrigeration/freezer/chiller cooling plants and air conditioning.
Does your lifting equipment have up to date LOLER certification? If not, you may be putting your business and users at risk! You need to make sure that when using any lifting equipment, the requirements of LOLER are met.
Let us take the strain and propose a service and LOLER certification plan. Contact us for more information.
  • Upon purchase of some equipment such as cabinets and trolleys, you will receive an Operating and Maintenance Manual, please keep these handy and on file.
  • Click for general aftercare of stainless steel products.
  • We offer unrivalled warranty

At Mortuary Solutions, we offer on-site maintenance services for all refrigeration & equipment. Our service plans keep your equipment functioning properly and protect your investment. We do however realise that one service plan may not be a good fit for every customer, so our contract offerings are designed to suit the diversity of the clients we serve. We can offer emergency call outs, priced per call, alternatively our annual routine visits at fixed prices. Why wait for a failure to occur? Under a PPM (Pre-Planned Preventative Maintenance) service, you will be prioritised should you require an emergency call out.

Schedule your PPM service visit to help keep your business safe and operational.

Our preventative maintenance visits include the following features:
  • LOLER inspection with Certification
  • PUWER inspection, recorded
  • Visual checks and lubrication
  • Test and calibrations against standard
  • Equipment adjustments and part replacement
  • Performance verification to assure it meets current factory specifications

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