MS Scissor action trolleys, designed for reliable mortuary operation, fabricated using a fully welded 40mm chassis creating a robust and stable platform compatible with most fridges and racking. Finished with a durable textured paint finish or stainless steel option.

As manufacturers, we have the capability to custom make a trolley to your exact requirements:

MSTM - Manual Hydraulic

MSTP - Electric Hydraulic

Combination trolley - All rounder

Using the same fridge tray for storage and preparation the ONE TRAY concept is designed to eliminate the need for body transfer and any arduous body lifting once in the funeral home. It not only reduces the floor space required but enables one person operation and reduces the need for other equipment.

The unique feature of the MS combi trolley is an automatic tray tilt function, the operator can adjust the height or tilt at the touch of a button. The same tray with drain can be used for storage, embalming, washing, preparation etc.

CONTROL lights up and charger port
Auto tray tilt
Compatible with most foul sinks

MSTC - Combination Electric Trolley

Main features:-

  • Fully electric height and tilt (only type on the market– at the touch of a button)
  • Superior light up control box with emergency stop/on & off with charger port
  • Rated to 180 kg, 28 stone. (Available in 256kg & 415kg capacities)
  • 405-1755mm range as standard with reduced/extended options. Compatible up to 5 tiers.
  • Fully welded 304 grade stainless steel construction
  • 4 No, 150mm castors, all braked and front edge buffers
  • Electrically powered heavy duty ram

Powered Drive & Roller Assist Trolleys

Designed to relieve manual handling, this trolley has a 5th powered drive wheel centrally mounted, resulting in a pivot point to aid maneuverability.

MSTD - Powered Drive Trolley

The drive wheel conveniently lowers only when required at the touch of a button and the smart function raises the wheel after a short period of inactivity.
Thus it can be maneuvered as a standard trolley. The trolley also has an end powered motorised roller with tray hook for loading and unloading.

Tailored Options:

Tray tilt feature so that the trolley can be used for embalming, post mortems, washing and preparing when used with a tray with drain over a sink, sluice or waste connection.

Alternative versions of the trolley without powered drive or roller are available in a number of formats to suit customer requirements.

These trolleys are designed as assist products only and do not take away 100% of user effort. The drive assist will drive approximately 40stone unaided subject to conditions i.e. floor type, level, etc. A user can make up for additional loads.

The powered roller will push/pull in excess of 65stone.
W: 580 (650 bump guards) x L:1950
Range: 410-1760 trays
Range: 420-1770 coffins (raised coffin rollers)

Our Installations

MSGW - Viewing / Storing / Embalming / Preparation

Fixed height trolley, fully welded with braked castors.
Usually built with a nominal fall leading to drain or can be made as a level platform to be used as a viewing/preparation trolley.
W: 660/750 x L:2080 x H:850mm or ask for bespoke.

Tray options:
Pressed or fabricated for a choice of perimeter/depth profiles. 

MSGR RORO - (Roll on Roll off) Transfer Trolley

Stainless steel trolley with a number of uses: Washing, Embalming, preparation & viewing. It is designed to accept a tray from either end. Once loaded and secured with a tray locking pin, the upper frame can be tilted with the hydraulic jack to tilt the tray for drainage over a sink. Unlike others in the market our unique design incorporates a hinged frame top so that all rollers remain in contact with the tray for a stable and reliable platform. When fitted with a roller lock it can be used with coffins.

W: 580 x L:1650 x H:800mm

MSGH - Embalming Tilt Table

Fully welded embalming table, with 3 piece perforated top (lift out), over choice of tray raises the body for easier transfer and excellent drainage over a sink or connect to a waste.
Fitted with a small hydraulic jack, ideally situated at the head end, handle simply pulls out and stores in a leg pocket when not in use.
W: 700 x L:2180 x H:850mm

MSGP - Foldable

Fitted with a drain and nominal fall, this collapsible & portable table easily folds for storage or transportation.
Centre rail secures to the hinged legs with locking hand wheels, forming a rigid wobble free platform.
W: 660/750 x L: 2080 x H: 850 or ask for bespoke.

  • Castors
  • Wall hanging bracket
  • Tray profiles
  • Body bars
  • Perforated body board

Wash Trolleys

MSWS - Fixed Trolley Wash

Fully welded with braked castors.

A fabricated tray normally W:660mm semi obese (can be made to suit) incorporating a 50mm nominal fall leading to a drain. A 3 piece perforated top (lift out) secures the one piece splash top shield in place and offers practical water containment without being too obstructive.A lower shelf provides convenient storage.

W:990 x L:2285 x H:800mm

MSWV - Electric Variable Height Wash Table

The stainless steel variable height trolley is fitted with a deep profile platform top finished with 3 piece perforated tops that lift out. 

A scissor action variable height construction allows the trolley to be raised or lowered to convenient users levels at the touch of a button.  The trolley is designed to match MS embalming sinks to simplify water drainage.
W:750 x L:2350 Range H:460-1400mm

Ritual Wash Table – Mortuary Solutions are well experienced in designing and manufacturing bespoke ritual wash tables. Features can include: Made to size, incorporated sink, thermostatic mixers with hose, dignity concealment frames.
Please ask, we can tailor a package and design to your exact requirements.

Stainless steel anatomy and specimen tables designed in mind of medical teaching environments.

MSDT - Dissecting Trolley

Fabricated tray top with marine edge fluid containment, under shelf for fluid collection bucket.
Size: Made to order

MSAT - Anatomy Trolley

Now with pressed or fabricated tray top for better fluid containment. Supplied with undershelf or threaded waste connection or hook for bucket.

W: 660 x L:2080 x H: 850 with fall to leading to drain H: 800mm. Ask for bespoke

MSRAT - Rotating Anatomy Table

2no. rotating fabricated trays, each with a fluid collection drawer beneath the drain.
W: 660 (810 including tray handles) x L: 2220 x H: 1020mm

MSGV - Viewing Trolley

Fixed height trolley for simple tray or coffin loading. With roller lock. Powder coat paint finish also available in stainless steel.

MSLAT - Lattice Folding Trolley

Folding lattice Open W:546 x L:806 x H:635mm
Folded W:546 x L:165 x H:775mm
Weight 14kg capacity options 32/50 Stone

MSGD - Biers

Available in powder coat finish or stainless steel.
L:889 x W:482 x H:635mm.
Also available in extended length L:1200mm

Concealment Trolleys

MS Concealment Trolleys are available in fixed or variable height versions, and with either a fixed or roller top. Complete with cover.

MHCTF - Fixed Height

The fixed height trolley features a plain stainless tray and chrome side rails offering full and convenient access with operation from either side once the cover is removed and sides lowered.
The stainless tray forms the trolley top and provides a crevice free easy wipe clean surface, with push handles conveniently mounted to provide comfortable movement.

Optional roller top

L: 2300 x W: 750/890 x H : 750
SWL 315kg—bariatric option SWL 415kg

MHCTV - Electric Variable Height

The MS Variable model employs a scissor action lift mechanism powered by heavy duty actuator simply operated by a push button on the remote handset. The mechanism provides an easy, smooth, quiet vertical lift with a range from 500-1800mm. The rechargeable battery power and control pack sit in a waterproof housing and charged by simply connecting to a mains socket with the cable provided. Battery condition is easily monitored using the on board indicator.
Manufactured either with a fixed stainless top (as fixed height image) or available in a roller version to accept mortuary trays and offering the option to unload directly into the mortuary cabinet. Manufactured to suit W:750mm trays, narrower trays still also work on this trolley.
L: 2300 x W: 890 x H : 450-1400mm. SWL 180kg

Optional roller to
Height range 450-1400mm

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