NHS hospital mortuary fridge refurbishment – Mid Essex

A large project refurbishment exceeding +100 body store fridges, freezers and flexible multi temperature cabinets.

Multiple banks of cabinets including pass through doors directly in to the post mortem suite.

The hospitals original storage was hampered by a majority of storage spaces restricted for the smaller W:560mm/22inch trays, however because we design mortuary specific cabinets that are space saving, not only did we improve storage suitable for larger tray sizes we also increased the capacity.

The hospital used to suffer from reduced capacity when the old cabinets cooling systems would often fail with one being offline for a significant period as well as a freezer out of use! We solved this issue by installing back up cooling plant systems, in the event of a failure the back up system will maintain cooling while the other awaits repair. This maintains full capacity and avoids the emergency transfer of deceased to another working cabinet!

Going beyond the extra mile!  This project was meant to go plain sailing with a single large installation as the hospital had the luxury of another mortuary storage facility, albeit with a smaller capacity. Then struck the global Covid-19 pandemic, we however submitted a 3 phased install plan together working with the trust to ensure high levels of capacity throughout the refurb, this was all during the first lock down when hotels were closed, we were able to secure special critical worker accommodation and the whole project was delivered as a great success!

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