NHS hospital, North West England.

Our hospital customer, needed to increase and maximise their mortuary fridge storage capacity, they also needed a freezer bay and bariatric storage!

This 4 bay cabinet ticked all the boxes, the competition could only offer 3bay cabinets or a reduced sized 4 bay cabinet with smaller sized trays.

This cabinet had a multi temperature cooling fridge/freezer compartmented from the adjoining 3 fridge bays, ticking the boxes of freezer but also additional fridge capacity when the freezer isn’t required and to top it off we made this to suit bariatric storage.

Our mortuary specific designed cabinets are space saving and precision built! We had 2mm tolerance to work with! Because our cabinets are made in a state of the art facility they’re precision made with the smallest of tolerances! If we design it to fit in a space, it will!  We often see other manufacturers put fridges in that can be out significantly after build, believe us we’ve seen daylight between panels! Not only is this a poor tolerance, it creates energy sapping gaps and may not fit a critical sized space!


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