Steel self leveling plinth for mortuary 128 body capacity fridges

Here we are installing a steel plinth on sloping gradient floor. The plinth with leveling bolts and packers ensures the cabinets when installed are perfectly level. The plinth also raises the cabinet to reduce waste of fridge space to improve tier heights due to trolley minimum range limits. The plinths are then finished with vinyl or resin floors with a coved finish up the plinth face, for ease of cleaning and improved infection control.

We were set a goal to get as much capacity as possible, we surpassed the clients capacity expectations by changing the design and layout totally but with work flow and areas diligently considered and delivered!  We installed a large 128 body funeral fridges, we also supplied a state of the art embalming facility with our double user station, double embalming sinks and sluice along with multiple combination embalming trolleys and stacking trolleys.

This large Midlands Funeral Director was so impressed by our services and quality of equipment the following summer we provided another 116 body storage fridges to their other Midlands City location, again with embalming room equipment and trolleys.

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